Successful freelance voice-over artist at CUSTOMtronics bringing client stories to life.

Unleash Your Voice-Over Skills and Help Bring Clients' Stories to Life

As a freelance voice-over artist, you have the potential to captivate and engage audiences with your unique talent. Join the team at CUSTOMtronics, where you'll become a hero for our clients' stories, delivering memory-making in-store media experiences.

Join the CUSTOMtronics Movement

At CUSTOMtronics, we believe in the power of voice-over artists to bring clients' content to life. As part of our team, you'll enjoy:

  • Collaborating with a fun and versatile group of artists to bring your voice to life.

  • Working on fast-paced projects where every assignment is completed right the first time.

Be a Hero for Your Clients' Stories

Join our community of talented freelance voice-over artists and take your skills to the next level. Apply now to become a part of the CUSTOMtronics team, where we are dedicated to serving our clients and helping bring their stories to life.

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