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Music solutions

  • All music is commercial free and fully licensed

  • Professionally created channels

  • Mix channels

  • Custom Playlists

  • Import your playlist

  • Aquire about branded playlists

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Popular features

  • Control from anywhere

  • Explicit-lyrics filter

  • Block songs, artists, or genres

  • Scheduling to fit the day and mood

  • Set permissions

  • Share over social media

  • Discover what else we offer

Ready for new ways to connect to your customers?

In today's ever-changing and integrating world, your music provider needs to be adaptable. CUSTOMtronics Sound’s team has worked with businesses of all sizes to bring something as unique to them, as you have to the rest of the world. Our inspiration for the future comes from listening to you and creating what you want and expanding on your ideas.

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