Creating a branded In-Store Media Experience for your business or revamping your current systems is not an easy task. CUSTOMtronics Sound is here to serve you and simplify the process.


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Music Is At Our Core

Music for Your in-store Experience
Music for Your Experience

Building your playlist from the beginning or cultivating and expanding your existing playlist, we will generate a feeling-provoking musical journey for your visitors.

Music notes, checkmark and dollars representing licensed music and customizable playlists
Fully Licensed and Completely Customizable

Use our professionally created industry-specific channels, mix a few of your favorites, or import your own playlist for your retail music solution. - CUSTOMtronics works with all major music labels for licensing to simplify your music programming experience.

Illustration showing Music in various in-store experiences.

CUSTOMtronics - More Than Music for Business

Man Working On Computer Representing Customer Centric Focus
You’re Our #1 Priority


We will answer your phone calls, respond to your emails promptly, and show up when we say we’ll be there. We want to be your partner, not just another vendor. Starting from scratch or troubleshooting your existing in-store media system, we want to be on your speed dial.

Person Designing Your In-Store Music Solutions
Designing Your System


You know your brand and you know the feeling you are striving to create. With 50+ years of experience, we will help your vision come to life. We can help cut through the clutter and deliver an A/V system that perfectly fits your needs.

Person Installing Your In-Store Music Or Video Solution
Implementing Your Technology


A new system may feel daunting, but let us do the heavy lifting, it’s one of our specialties. Our passionate technicians will deliver and install an in-store media system that supports all your goals.

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Innovating for Your Ever-Changing Needs

CUSTOMtronics offers flexible solutions that deliver memory-making brand experiences that adapt as your needs change.

CUSTOMtronics In-Store-Messaging
In-Store Messaging

Intersperse announcements, new product messaging, or promotions within your retail store playlist. Customized to meet your needs - you can schedule key messages throughout the day, week, or by region.

In-Store Messaging Solutions
CUSTOMtronics On-Hold-Music
On-Hold Music

Are your customers tired of your "free" on-hold music? Give your customers the same music that they love in your store.

On-Hold Music Solutions
CUSTOMtronics Digital-Signage
Digital Signage

Within minutes, your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection can enable beautiful, on-brand digital signage built on our library of high-quality templates. Our signage is perfect for restaurants, hotels, or retail locations.

Digital Signage Solutions
CUSTOMtronics On-Hold-Messaging
On-Hold Messaging

Your customers can hear fully customizable messaging while engaging with you over the phone.

On-Hold Messaging Solutions

What Our Clients Say About Us


"Thank you for your attention to detail and our schedule; I'm glad we changed to your company."


Corporate Planning

"Your selection of music provides me exactly what I need."



"They showed such a dedication to helping me understand the process and truly making sure everything was set up the best possible way. It was great working with Customtronics!"


Office Manager

"Our system was completely down, and your understanding of the system allowed us to get it back up in minutes."


Area Manager


Our promise to you


CUSTOMtronics is committed to your success because when you succeed, we succeed. We believe in relationships and want to support your business for long-term success. We look forward to serving all your in-store music and video needs.