Set the mood through
on-hold music and

Create a positive vibe for your phone experience.


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Providing a Customer-Centric Experience


Every caller is important to your business and you want to make them feel that way. When a customer reaches out by phone, set the right tone for that experience through customized on-hold music and on-hold messaging,

CUSTOMtronics delivers a mood reset for your caller and sets the stage for a productive experience for your customer and your inbound representative. Your on-hold music experience can change the perception of waiting on hold from painful to (dare we say) positive!



Extend your Customer Experience to the Phone Line

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On-Hold Music

Replicate your in-store music experience on your phone lines. You know your customers and you know how to enhance their experience with your brand.

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Music Licensing

CUSTOMtronics works with all major music labels for licensing to simplify your music programming experience. If you’re interested in a particular genre or channel, we can extend or expand that selection to your phone lines.


Key Messaging to a Captive Audience

When your customer is on hold, it is the perfect time to deliver timely and appropriate on-hold messaging. Messaging can be used to set the tone for the upcoming conversation, reassure the customer, or even offer upsell opportunities.

CUSTOMtronics has access to top voice talent to provide a soothing or energizing voice to your callers. If you prefer, use your in-house talent to record key messaging to your listeners.

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Ready to explore our On-Hold Music
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Create a positive experience for your callers through brand-appropriate on-hold music and on-hold messaging.