Since our inception, we have focused on building a strategic, customer service-based business.

CUSTOMtronics SOUND was founded in 1969 and initially provided service and installation of PA systems and intercoms to retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, and other commercial businesses. It was during these early years that a basic business principle was realized; when you sincerely have and show interest in someone's business and their long term success and bottom line, and not just in your own immediate bottom line, long term and mutually advantageous relationships grow naturally and expand. The business continued to grow, mainly by referrals, with virtually no advertising.

At the request of numerous clients, Business Music was added. This new addition was an immediate success, and as time moved on, new music genres (styles of music) were added.

Today, we offer more than a dozen different genres, containing more than 100 different, professionally programmed music channels. In addition, we also provide a premium music service that allows clients to customize their music playlists and choose every song title they use.

As the client’s needs have expanded, and as technology has evolved, CUSTOMtronics SOUND has added additional services, which include: In-Store Messaging, On Hold Music, On Hold Messaging, Digital Messaging, Satellite TV (DirecTV and Dish Network), and Telephone VoIP. We are currently preparing to introduce new service opportunities in the near future.

What Our Clients Say About Us



Area Manager

Our system was completely down, and your understanding of the system allowed us to get it back up in minutes.


General Manager

Finally, I'm actually getting real service.


New Construction Supervisor

This is the most professional installation in years. I sent pictures throughout my team, showing what a good job looks like.


Corporate Planning

Thank you for your attention to detail and our schedule; I'm glad we changed to your company.



Your selection of music provides me exactly what I need.

Going forward

Our promise to you

CUSTOMtronics Sound will respect you as a person. Every small to mid-size company and corporation is build-up of individuals. Whether you are just “kicking the can” to see what we have to offer, signing up with us, or a customer who wants to make further improvements/ upgrades, we will treat you as an individual first, not by the size of your company. We do this by sticking to our word, valuing your time by returning all communications promptly, installing and updating your equipment properly, and treating you kindly.

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