Popular music features

Block explicit lyrics

Block explicit lyrics

Our professionally curated music channels come pre-blocked. If you are building your own custom playlists, one click and they will be blocked too.

Music Dayparting


Automatically play the right music during the right time of day.

Tiered access

Tiered access

Everyone has that one employee that can "fix" everything. Assign permissions by the employee, store manager, regional, or corporate level.

Block songs and artists

Block songs & artists

Easily block any song, artist, or genre from ever playing in your business again.

Exclusive music for each location

Exclusive music for each location

Problem solved. Play the best music for each location, region, and country. We like to simplify your feature requests.

Share your music with the world

Share your music with the world

Connect with your customers in a new way. Share your brand's playlists through your favorite social media and music streaming platforms.

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Professional Channels

Professionally created channels
Trusted by thousands, our professionally created channels are industry-specific.

Mix Channels

Blend your favorite channels
For businesses that have a mixed demographic, blend our most used channels.

Upload Playlist

Import your playlist
Already have a playlist that you are using or have created, have our team match it with our multi-million track library.

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Branded channel
Are you needing a branded playlist? Connect with our team, and we will draw up a plan that makes sense to you, and that will narrow in on your sound.

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Additional business solutions

Business solutions that compliment and work with our music services.

In Store Messaging

In-Store Messaging

Do you want to insert announcements, new products, or regional promotions within your playlist? Using our scheduling feature, you can schedule them throughout the day, weeks, and by regions.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Plug-in, set-up in minutes, and enjoy our beautiful templates that will look good in any restaurant, retail store, office, hotel, or cafe. Works over Wi-Fi or ethernet.

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On Hold Music

On-Hold Music

Are your customers tired of your "free" on-hold music? Give your customers the same music that they love in your store.

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On Hold Messaging

On-Hold Messaging

Along with implementing the same in-store music, allow your customers to hear the same or different messages/ announcements that you have.

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CUSTOMtronics Sound will respect you as a person. Every small to mid-size company and corporation is build-up of individuals. Whether you are just “kicking the can” to see what we have to offer, signing up with us, or a customer who wants to make further improvements/ upgrades, we will treat you as an individual first, not by the size of your company. We do this by sticking to our word, valuing your time by returning all communications promptly, installing and updating your equipment properly, and treating you kindly.

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