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Your In-Store Video Experience Solution

Mindsets shift throughout the day and your digital signage should be tailored to capitalize on surprising and delighting your customers by delivering the perfect “just-in-time” message. 


The statistics tell a story, of the 70% of Americans who saw a digital video display in the past month, 47% can specifically recall the ad that they saw. What does this mean? Digital signage can drive impulse buys and upsell by promoting specific items and allows you the ability to target audiences in real-time.


CUSTOMtronics provides digital signage options for industries like retail, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare organizations. Maximizing the in-store experience with digital signage or a video solution can be considered an extension of sales and marketing teams.


CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage Restaurant

Easy, Intuitive, and Flexible

CUSTOMtronics meets you where you are with your digital signage needs. 


If you are starting simple with a need for only minimal updates, our cloud-based, self-serve option may be the best solution for you. We offer the first end-to-end Google-based digital signage content management system. Along with our beautiful, high-quality templates, you can be up and running in no time. Even better, you can manage your signage from any device with a browser on a desktop or mobile!

But, complexity doesn’t scare us, we consider it a welcome challenge. Enterprise features include interactive capabilities, API integration, content feeds, social media integration, proof of play for ad networks, and proximity triggers. If you’re looking for a partner to manage your ever-changing digital signage needs, look no further than CUSTOMtronics.

Features to Grow with Your Business

We'll help you customize your digital signage needs to maximize impact. 


CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage PlatformYour Video Mixer

Offering a content management solution for your digital signage needs. Images, videos, PDFs, social media channels, interactive websites, touch content, news, finance, and weather feeds are all available through a user-friendly interface.

CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage Device PlatformYour Remote Control

Manage all your digital signage devices, across your entire organization, right at your fingertips. Lock down specific devices, view device status, or update all devices from your Control hub.

CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage Booking ManagementYour Calendar Assistant

Avoid conference room double bookings! This digital signage option allows for employee check-in, visitor management, conference room reservations, and desk booking for today's remote workforce.

CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage HardwareYour Big Screen

Our hardware options allow for a variety of apps and content types. Whatever your needs are and whatever your budget, we can help you navigate the hardware options to best present your brand to your customers.

Digital Signage Solutions to Match Your Brand

From menu boards to deli signs, maps to meeting rooms, CUSTOMtronics will help you design a system for your digital signage needs that is tailored to enhance your customer experience, move the products you need to move, or cross-promote and upsell products that drive revenue. 


Use our designer-created templates, or incorporate your logo, brand colors, and voice. With a variety of ways to upload, the creation and maintenance of your messaging is a breeze. With our cloud-based content management platform, companies are able to seamlessly display content in seconds. Amplify your brand through your digital signage or video solution options, all available through CUSTOMtronics.

CUSTOMtronics Digital Signage Industries

Let Your
Imagination Go!

Whatever industry you are in, make digital signage work for you. We've provided digital signage and video solutions for industries such as: 

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Food Service & Restaurants
  • Retail 
  • Finance & Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Schools
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Signage can be used to greet your visitors, share critical information, or position yourself as an industry leader. It can also be used for employee-facing communication and recognition, logistics, or even allow for emergency messaging overrides for those critical moments in time. 


Digital Signage and video solutions make an impact. It allows your brand to stand out from the crowd. It's nimble, versatile, and gives you the opportunity to tell a story easily and cohesively at a single location or at an enterprise level. 

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